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Pre-Kindergarten School Curriculum

I. Reading

  1. Letters and sounds

  2. SRA reading series

  3. Worksheets and daily reading

  4. Phonics

    1. Auditory, visual, and motor skill development

    2. Letter recognition

    3. Consonant and vowel sounds

    4. Listening comprehension

    5. Concentration on reading readiness

II. Math

  1. Numbers and numeration

    • Writing, ordering, counting, comparing, and dot-to-dot

  2. Problem solving

  3. Addition and subtraction of whole numbers

  4. Geometric shapes

  5. Measurement of length, time, and money

  6. Statistics – organizing data

III. Language Arts

  1. A study of grammar fundamentals

  2. Continuous review of skills

  3. Strong focus on improving student writing

  4. Opportunities for listening, speaking, viewing, and representing

  5. Word recognition

  6. Picture-word association

  7. Following directions

  8. Capital and lowercase letters

  9. Days of the week; months of the year

  10. Picture stories

  11. Alphabetical order

IV. Learning to Think Series

  1. Develops motor coordination and perception

  2. Left to right eye movement and eye-hand coordination required for writing

V. Story time

  • Students are read to daily.

  • V. Handwriting

    1. Teach - stroke by stroke formation

    2. Practice – paper format

    3. Application – continued practice of learned letters

    4. Evaluation – key points taught for self-evaluation of letter formation

    VI. Art

    1. Markers, colored pencils, water paints, finger paints, glitter, chalk, scissors, and glue are used to create crafts.

    2. Seasonal craft days coordinated by the teacher and room mothers

    3. Music consisting of CD’s and tapes

    4. Class performances for parents at Christmas, Family Fun Day, and Graduation

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